A fellow contributes to Hepatitis C diagnostic for WHO Seychelles

Tuesday 12 Jan 16


Arnaud Dechesne
Senior Researcher
DTU Environment
+45 45 25 22 91
In addition to be trained as researchers, the MERMAID fellows should also experience the non-academic sector to develop an open perspective to the World. Deborah Patsch, a MERMAID PhD student at EAWAG Switzerland, completed a productive secondment in the non-academic sector. She applied and got selected to work for the World Health Organization in Seychelles. She addressed a serious and growing health problem on these islands: Hepatitis C. The Hepatitis C incidence has been rising exponentially within the last ten years and treatment was not possible due to the lack of a diagnostic test to identify the genotype of the virus. Deborah established a real time quantitative PCR-based test, which she could directly apply on patient samples. Deborah also devised a standard operating procedure and trained the staff, so that patients can now be efficiently be tested by local health care workers. In the process, Deborah developed an appreciation of some of the public health challenges in the South and of the way they are being tackled.

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22 MARCH 2019