A 'University for the 3rd age' lecture

Tuesday 03 May 16
Mermaid fellows engages seniors at a 'University for the 3rd age' lecture at the end of April, Marta Vignola, Mermaid Fellow at the University of Newcastle, contributed with a lecture to the 'University for the 3rd age' cycle of lectures organized by the Grassano headquarter of the Auser organization. This Italian NGO promotes active aging and has local members ranging from 65 to 87 year old. With her lecture on the Natural and the Urban Water Cycles, Marta challenged her audience's perception of the role of bacteria and of the origin of drinking water. The many questions she received about the quality of the drinking water and the operation of drinking water- and wastewater-treatment plants clearly indicated that she had been very successful at engaging her audience. All in all, another outreach successful outreach event!

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22 MARCH 2019